Ruben Houweling

Ruben Houweling (1980) studied Dutch law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2009 he obtained his doctorate at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and he was subsequently appointed as senior university lecturer. In that capacity he developed amongst others the successful Master Employment Law (2009). In June 2011 Ruben was appointed as professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and he leads the team of lecturers and researchers of the Employment law department.

Ruben is editor of multiple journals such as the journal Employment law Annotation (Arbeidsrechtelijke Annotaties (ArA)) and (senior)editor of the journal Case law in the Netherlands (Jurisprudentie in Nederland (JIN)). He is co-founder of the Journal Employment law for the legal practice (Tijdschrift voor de Arbeidsrechtpraktijk (TAP)) and is a member of the editorial staff. He developed the interactive digital data bank (VAAN) AR and is general editor of the weekly online update.

Further Ruben is member of the Committee Cassation in the interest of Employment law and the Sdu Education Advisory board Employment law. Ruben frequently contributes to employment law courses, master classes and conferences. He also frequently writes articles in several legal journals and authors books.

Since 2009 Ruben is connected to DingemansVanderKind as legal counsel. He regularly provides in-depth training courses at our firm and is in specific matters involved to think along with us about the legal possibilities in the more complex issues.