DingemansVanderKind employs 14 lawyers: Charlotte Dingemans, Olav van der Kind, Job van der Pijl, Ivo Boudrie, Mirjam Fiselier, Nils ZeeuwenJust Janse de Jonge, Inge Hofstee, Kim HakvoortMaarten StekelenburgRoos JonkmansMichelle Kind, Robbert-Jan Bree and Romy Schneider. We specialise in employment law and have gained extensive experience in that field. Our interest in employment law is reflected not only in the cases we take on, but also in our numerous publications on employment law issues. In addition, we frequently give lectures on current developments in employment law. Finally, we are members of various specialist associations including the European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA), the Dutch Employment Law Association (Vereniging voor Arbeidsrecht, VvA), the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland, VAAN) and the Dutch Corporate Litigation Association (Vereniging Corporate Litigation, VCL).

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