Ivo Boudrie (1970) studied Dutch law at the University of Utrecht. Following years as a procedural legal expert for a trade union, he made the switch to the Bar, in 1999. He was employed in the practice group Employment Law and Employee Participation at a major international law firm. Ivo has been partner at DingemansVanderKind since 2004.

He is an employment law specialist with a preference for cases of individual dismissal law, representing both employers and employees. Ivo supervises business restructuring and reorganisation processes, and regularly represents statutory directors, in dismissal cases. Ivo also regularly advises statutory directors and works councils in matters relating to employee participation law.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Ivo regularly offers courses to human resources managers and has taught at the VU Law Academy in Amsterdam and elsewhere. At SDU, specialist legal publishers, Ivo for many years provided courses to lawyers and company legal experts on dismissal law and evidentiary law in employment law. Ivo successfully concluded the postgraduate specialisation course Employment Law at the Grotius Academy.

In the practice areas register of the Netherlands Bar, Ivo is registered in the following main and (sub) practice areas: Employment law - sub: employee participation, collective dismissal and employment mediation.