Intervision is a structured and periodic form of discussion within a peer group of professional equals to promote the quality of professional practice, under the supervision of an expert. By participating in a total of eight hours of intervision meetings each year, lawyers meet the obligations imposed by the Netherlands Bar with regard to structured feedback from fellow professionals.

In the person of Job van der Pijl, DingemansVanderKind offers the possibility of participating in an intervision group. Job is listed in the 'Register of Intervision Discussion Leaders' of the Netherlands Bar and in the register of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN). In a familiar setting, he enables discussion about dilemmas, questions relating to individual performance or professional practice, in a pleasant and professional way.

Requirements on intervision for lawyers:

  • intervision takes place in a group of at least three and not more than ten lawyers over a period of at least eight hours per year, in sessions of not less than two and not more than four consecutive hours per day, supervised by an expert as referred to in Article 26(1) of the Act on Advocates;
  • the participants are preferred to be active in the same area of the law;
  • on request, Job will offer the possibility of a separate intervision group for young lawyers (who have only recently received their traineeship statement);
  • prior to the intervision session, participating lawyers and the discussion leader will lay down the (scope of the) confidentiality on what is discussed during the intervision;
  • the lawyers themselves will submit dilemmas and questions about their own performance, professional performance or professional practice;
  • the discussion leader will confirm each person's participation in a certificate of attendance, including a brief non-substantive description of the subjects of discussion, thereby satisfying the requirements of the Bar (and if relevant VAAN);
  • in principle, the meetings will take place at the offices of DingemansVanderKind;
  • costs will be agreed upon in consultation. In principle, Job charges his usual hourly rate of EUR 270 excluding VAT, to be divided aomong the participants. Costs will also be charged for administrative processing, etc.; the fee only covers the 'pure' intervision hours

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