Employment Contract Law

Employment contract law relates to the individual agreements between employer and employee. It deals with how agreements should be concluded (for example in writing) and about whether the content of the agreement is in breach of the law or possibly a collective labour agreement. It is not uncommon that parties want to reach an agreement not only on standard aspects, such as the position, salary and working hours, but also on special clauses, such as a non-competition clause, penalty clause, ancillary activities clause and bonus agreements. The key issue is always to shape and formulate these agreements in the best way possible. It is of course also important from which viewpoint (that of the employer or the employee) the matter is considered.

Giving advice on the content agreements made or to be made between the employer and the employee and laying these down in a contract is our daily practice. However, this in no way means that we always follow a standard approach. Especially when drafting documents relating to employment law (not only contracts of employment, but for example also employee handbooks and company regulations), a tailored approach is essential. We of course also consider the nature and character of the company, the sector in which the company operates and the individual position of the employee. We are further regularly called upon to review template contracts and employee handbooks of our clients, to ensure that these remain up to date.