Mediation has become a fully fledged form of conflict resolution. In a mediation process, the parties themselves resolve the conflict, with the assistance of a mediator. The mediator guides the discussion between the parties, by asking questions and employing a range of discussion techniques. Mediation takes place in a confidential setting that allows the parties to speak freely. No two mediation procedures are the same, and all solutions are possible. Exactly how the process works and which potential solutions are discussed is decided in consultation between the stakeholders who are present.

DingemansVanderKind has a long tradition in the specific field of employment mediation. Inge Hofstee and Ivo Boudrie have years of experience as mediator and have now been joined by Charlotte Dingemans, who makes use of her years of experience as a lawyer and statutory director, in this form of conflict resolution. Inge, Ivo and Charlotte favour a practical approach with much attention for the various persons and their interests, without losing sight of the overall goal: resolving the dispute in a manner that is acceptable to all.

Inge and Ivo are registered mediators with the Netherlands Federation of Mediators (MfN). Charlotte will conclude her registration in the near future. MfN registration guarantees that the mediators satisfy the quality requirements imposed by the MfN, and that the mediators keep their specialist skills and knowledge up to date, on a yearly basis. They work in accordance with the Mediation Regulations for registered MfN mediators. The basic principles of mediation, such as voluntary participation and confidentiality, are laid down in these regulations. They also agree to comply with the Code of Conduct for registered MfN mediators. This code lays down the basic principles by which the mediator is bound, such as independence and impartiality.

The employment mediators at DingemansVanderKind are not only engaged to settle 'traditional' employment conflicts, but also to deal with disputes in the field of employee participation, disputes between board members, between shareholders or within a team. Our mediators are highly experienced in employment law. This ensures an ingrained understanding of the nature of employment disputes, of what the parties must take into account and the various possibilities for reaching a solution.