Employment law

We specialise in employment law in the broadest sense, including individual and collective dismissal law, collective bargaining law, employment law in reorganisations, employee participation law, strike law, employers’ liability, the dismissal of managing directors, transfers of undertaking, employee competition, mediation, civil service law and social insurance law. We advise and litigate in all these subfields of law on a regular basis. Our work also comprises drafting and providing advice about employment contracts and other arrangements under employment law.


Our team consists of 14 lawyers all primarily focused on employment law and we each have extensive experience as employment lawyers. We have made a conscious choice to remain a relatively small law firm with a controlled growth. As a result, our organisation is flexible, manageable and approachable. Our communication lines are short and direct and our rates are competitive.


We are a group of dedicated and passionate lawyers. We take a personal approach to every case, delving into our clients’ needs and tailoring our strategy to their interests and business operations. Our knowledge of employment law is thorough. But we also pursue a career outside the legal profession, as deputy subdistrict court judge, doctoral candidate, editor, advisor to boards of directors and mediator. That enables us to broaden our outlook and take account of a wide range of aspects in handling cases.

We represent employers as well as employees. We prefer it that way and it keeps us on our toes. Our approach is aimed at solving problems, preferably swiftly and pragmatically, but without losing sight of what is reasonable. So in one case we will investigate the possibility of a settlement, while in the other we will advise taking the matter to court.


DingemansVanderKind has a network of niche law firms in other branches of law and tax lawyers. Additionally, our firm has retained Ruben Houweling as legal counsel. He is professor employment law at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.