The impact of COVID-19 on some topics in labor jurisprudence

That the COVID-19 period was an exceptional period is obvious. The question is: what impact did that period have on the jurisprudence and practice of labor law? Can any lessons be drawn from the COVID-19 period? This article takes a closer look at some of the themes that have emerged in case law since the beginning of the COVID-19 period.

In her article, Romy discusses the right to continued payment of wages, including the allocation of risk (no work, no pay unless ...), corona-related wage disputes and on-call workers. Regarding leave rights, it further discusses the situation of employees who went on vacation or traveled to "orange" or "red" areas without permission and to what extent the employment contract could therefore be terminated. Finally, the article discusses the employer's right of instruction in general and, more specifically, in the case of working from home.

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