Legal Counsel

Ruben Houweling (1980) studied Dutch law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2009, he obtained his master's degree from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and was subsequently appointed Associate Professor. In that capacity, he established the successful Master's Degree in Labour Law (2009). In 2011, Ruben was appointed Professor of Labour Law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he heads a team of lecturers and researchers in the Labour Law department.

Since 2009, Ruben has been an external associate legal counsel at DingemansVanderKind. In that framework, he regularly provides in-depth training courses at our firm, and is called in to contribute his thoughts on legal possibilities in more complex cases.

Ruben is a member of the editorial board of the magazine Arbeidsrechtelijke Annotaties (ArA) and editor in chief of the case history journal Jurisprudentie in Nederland (JIN). He is co-founder of the Tijdschrift voor de Arbeidsrechtpraktijk (TAP) and is a member of the core editorial board of this magazine. He developed the interactive digital knowledge base (VAAN) AR and is editor in chief of this weekly online update.

In 2022, he was made Crown Member of the Social Economic Council (SER). Ruben is also a member of the Commissie Cassatie in het belang van het Arbeidsrecht (CCA) and of the Sdu Cursus Adviesraad Arbeidsrecht. Ruben regularly gives lectures and courses (among others on behalf of CPO, OSR, PALA and PALA+ and the Arbeidsrecht Instituut). He often publishes in a variety of specialist journals and books.


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