Seminar at EYE

On April 20, 2023, the DVDK seminar took place again at EYE. With on the agenda: the new Whistleblowers Protection Act, the range of parental leave after all the recent changes, the difference between suspending and stopping salary payment in case of illness, the Equal Opportunities in Recruitment and Selection Oversight Bill and, of course, the consequences of the Supreme Court ruling in the Deliveroo case.

We started the seminar with the recently dramatically amended Whistleblower Protection Act. Michelle Kind discussed the main implications for practice. For example, the so-called prohibition of harm no longer applies only to employees, but to different types of reporters. The burden of proof has also changed in favor of the reporter. And there are stricter requirements for internal reporting procedures. Kim Hakvoort has once again clarified when, in the case of a sick employee, it is permissible to suspend salary and when salary payments can be stopped. An important distinction that is sometimes lost sight of in practice. Maarten Stekelenburg discussed the rules of parental leave and especially the changes introduced last year. And Inge Hofstee gave a preview of the legislative proposal "Equal Opportunities in Recruitment and Selection Supervision Act" that was very recently adopted by the Lower House.

As usual, our professor Prof. Ruben Houweling closed the seminar. He discussed the very current and important ruling of the Supreme Court in the Deliveroo case. What consequences does this ruling of March 23, 2023 have for your practice? How should we look at 'the employment contract' from now on? What are the consequences for companies and employers who work with freelancers and zzp'ers? Can they still do so or will they be entitled retroactively to pensions, more pay and perhaps much more? Ruben gave us the answers. See the PowerPoint presentation below.

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