Roos Jonkmans (1988) completed a bachelor's degree in Law and Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. She then obtained a master's degree in Private law at the same university. During her study period, she was employed as a secretary at a medium-sized law firm, and completed internships at a number of Amsterdam-based law firms. For her master's thesis, Roos worked at the District Court of Amsterdam. She then wrote a thesis on the principle of equal remuneration for temporary employees.

She has been employed at DingemansVanderKind since the start of 2016 and is involved in all aspects of employment law. In 2022, Roos graduated cum laude from the Postacademische Leergang Arbeidsrecht (PALA).

In the practice areas register of the Netherlands Bar, Roos is registered in the following main and (sub) practice areas: Employment law - sub: employee participation and collective dismissal.

Roos is a member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN) and of the Association for Young Employment Lawyers (VJAA).