van der Pijl


Job van der Pijl studied Dutch law at the VU Amsterdam, became a lawyer in 1991 and has been partner at DingemansVanderKind since 2004.

Job represents the interests of both employees and employers. His knowledge and experience cover all facets of dismissal law, ranging from redundancy due to reorganisation through to cooperation and job performance problems. Another special area of attention within his practice is professional collaborative ventures such as partnerships.

Job obtained a doctoral degree from the University of Amsterdam in 2019. His doctoral thesis, entitled “Arbeidsrecht en insolventie – over de positie van de werknemer van een insolvente werkgever” (Employment law and insolvency - about the position of the employee of an insolvent employer') was published in the Wolters Kluwer Serie Monografieën Sociaal Recht (Series of Monographs on Social Law). Since 2020 he has been a parttime associate university lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a member of the editorial board of the Tijdschrift voor Insolventie. He publishes on a very regular basis, also in his position as permanent annotator of the case law magazine JAR and guest annotator in JOR. Job also chairs the Supervisory Board of the Association of Dutch Designers BNO (

In the practice areas register of the Netherlands Bar, Job is registered in the following main and (sub) practice areas: Employment law - sub: employee participation, collective dismissal, international employment law and insolvency law - sub: bankruptcies and moratoria.

Job is a member of the following specialist associations:

  • Employment Law Association (VVA).
  • Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN)
  • Amsterdam Employment Lawyers Association (VAAA)